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International carnival of pozitivities Issue 12

The HIVHSN.ORG and HIV HEALTH AND COMMUNITY NEWS are pleased to Host the 12th Edition of the International Carnival of Pozitivities.
We are ALL living with HIV/AIDS. This is a carnival about living with HIV/AIDS and how HIV/AIDS has affected your life. This site assumes that HIV/AIDS is caused by a variety of HIV viruses, either wild strains or those generated from drug resistance, and is not a forum for those who do not believe that HIV causes AIDS. Your stories of life with HIV/AIDS, including your survival strategies, your medication issues, your friends or loved ones with HIV/AIDS, your efforts for the cause, in fact, anything to do with how you live positively will be accepted.

I was asked by Ron to host an issue of the ICP sometime earlier in the year. We agreed that June would be a good time for me, and set everything up.

It Was not until I was putting this blog together that I realized that June was a special month for me.

June 21st is the one year Anniversary of my Diagnosis with HIV.

This day has become very important to me. This is the day on which one Life ended and this new one began. A life more meaningful and Frightening and more truly Alive than the existence that I had before. I have had many ups and downs in this first year and at times I have been tired to my soul of trying to live with this Disease. In the end though I keep coming back to a thought that kept me going through the first months of awareness:I am going to make something good come of this. Somehow, someway I am going to Transform This disease and all of the Shame, Guilt, Fear and Heartbreak that I felt into Love, Compassion, Freedom, Courage.

This is what I have learned over this last year. If you only focus on the bad things in your life they become all that exists. There are so many Good things that get lost in the wash of doctors appointments,Meds,Labs,Side effects and the worry that we may not find someone who can Love us with this Disease.

I have found a community of positive people and HIV positive people that share these same ideas. People that do not take life for granted and realize that what we do with each day is the most important thing you could possibly be doing: Living!

This month marks the First Anniversary of the ICP with Issue number 12. And as you can see there are a lot of topics. They range from Dealing with pain killer addictions to Commentary on death of Jerry Falwell. As always I am amazed at the diversity of topics and the insights that the various authors bring to the ICP.

I want to personally Thank Ron and all of the past hosts and contributers for making the ICP a success. I look forward to hosting again soon. Remember also that the ICP is always looking for contributers and Hosts. If you are a writer or if you have a favorite blog that is relevant to living with HIV nominate an article for inclusion in the next edition which will be hosted at ScribeSpirit eZine

So with out further ado I present the 12th edition of the International Carnival of Pozitivities.

The T-cell Chronicles presents HIV--An Update by Miss Lead posted at T-cell Chronicles.

"HIV – An Update. PLEASE!

'For you in the UK, HIV isn't a disease of the body any more, it's a disease of the mind'.

I wanted to punch the deluded fucker when he told me that. I wanted him to feel the full fucking force of the pain of lost friends; and of the wrecked lives still being lived, with or without the wretched virus worming away inside their bodies. I wanted to grab him by the fucking hair and force him to watch videos of the great ongoing massacre of acres of masses of the great uncared-for, wasting away in continents he only knows from his fancy holidays with his fake fucking Louis Voiton suitcases. I wanted to scream 'How dare you', as I smashed his fucking smug face onto the nearest car bonnet, repeatedly, whilst kicking the shit out of his oh-so-fucking-righteous negative arse. 'How fucking dare you'.

But I didn't. "

Dr. Deb presents The Contagiousness of Moods posted at Dr. Deb.

"Ever find yourself feeling more cranky when you're around someone whose in a crabby mood?
** Or **
Find your mood lifting when you are around a person who is happy and buoyant?
When people are in a particular mood, be it persnickety or pleasurable, that mood is often communicated to others."

Brandons Voice presents
HIV is no longer a death sentence, BUT IT IS A LIFE SENTENCE!! posted at

"A message from Brandon's Voice, Learn more at

An HIV diagnosis is no longer a death sentence for the lucky ones of us that have access to reasonable health care, as there are people today who have HIV that are likely to live out a full life. It is important to remember the 6,300 people who die each day in Africa alone due to HIV/AIDS; however this reading is intended for those who think HIV/AIDS is no longer a BIG DEAL. The most common perception today is that HIV is no longer a death sentence. I would say that that statement in many cases is true; however HIV is a life sentence. I am going to take a moment to explain my personal life with HIV and many others in my situation."

Guest Writer Emanuel Stanley: The fight against AIDS is
changing, but is far from over posted at 2sides2ron.

Emanuel Stanley is a Disease Intervention Specialist for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. He is also a freelance writer and spoken word/rap lyricist.

"Two years ago, “the monster” snuck up on my cousin and took his young life. AIDS first attacks the heart, lungs, kidneys, etc. and gradually moves on to the brain and central nervous system. There is no early warning or detection system to visibly see AIDS coming, except by blood or oral testing, and many times, like in my cousin’s case, it’s already too late."

John Carlos Keasler presents San Diego Art Nut: The A Dees posted at San Diego Art Nut.

"The US named AIDS in the 80s. It was already killing and had been killing for years. Rock Hudson died. And Ronald Reagan could not say the word. In the 80s."

The Public Radio Talent Quest presents Royce | The Public Radio Talent Quest posted at Public Radio Talent Quest.

"Royce is a retired horticulture extension agent who has been living with HIV for several years. Recently he has been suffering some cognitive impairment due to his illness. He wanted me to record some memories, especially those related to his knowledge of native plants, before he loses them."

Guardian Unlimited Accentuate the positive | Health | posted at Guardian Unlimited.

After Kate was diagnosed with HIV twenty years ago, she writes on how she avoided despair to become an activist for the rights of women with the virus across the world

Jude Nagurney Camwell presents Bono: We Can Be the Generation that Ends Extreme Poverty posted at Iddybud Journal.

The last minute or two of Bono's NAACP humanitarian award speech is so powerful. Please watch this. He begins, "To those in the church who still stand in judgement of the AIDS emergency, let me climb into the pulpit with you for just a moment...."

Yasmin presents a moving piece of poetry For Sal - Positive posted at Positive.

"For Sal - Positive

I am positive


I wasn't positive that he was positive


Today, I am positive..."

Karen Halls presents How to Overcome Pain Pill Addiction posted at Addiction Recovery Blog.

Unfortunately, there`s no easy way to beat an addiction to prescription pain medication. There are several different approaches that do seem to work, but it varies by person. What works well for one individual, may not be the key to success for another. For this reason its important that the person who is addicted to pain medication seek professional help to aid them in determining what course of action is best for them.

Joe Wright presents "Far horizons": no AIDS vaccine today posted at hemodynamics.

Ten years ago today, on May 18Th, 1997, President Clinton called on scientists to develop a vaccine to prevent HIV infection, and to do it within ten years:

“My fellow Americans, if the 21st century is to be the century of biology, let us make an AIDS vaccine its first great triumph.”

Clinton compared this presidential goal to President Kennedy’s “moon shot.” But this year, we mark the date knowing that Clinton’s goal was not reached, and won’t be any time soon.

Marie At Myspace presents Does genital herpes affect HIV viral load during early HIV infection posted at Mysapce Blog -Marie.
Genital herpes virus (HSV-2) infection does not affect blood plasma
HIV viral load during acute or early HIV infection, according to a retrospective longitudinal cohort analysis from the United States, published in the May 1st issue of the Journal of Infectious Diseases. The investigators suggest that it is unlikely that HSV-2 serostatus influences HIV disease progression during primary HIV-1 infection in white gay men, but since their study contradicts findings in heterosexual men and women in Africa, and the exact mechanisms by which HSV-2 influences HIV viral load are still unclear, further research is necessary.

Brian at acidreflux presents Plan to track HIV+ Visitors to Sydney, Site of World AIDS Conference posted at

"Once again, as people living with HIV, our rights are being eroded. There is a very good possibility that the leg of my trip this summer will have the Australia part canceled. Why? Just read this excerpt:"

David presents True Colors Tour for the Human Rights Campaign posted at The AIDS Pandemic.

"Throughout its 25-year history, HIV/AIDS has been inextricably linked to human rights issues. Sexual violence against women, stigma associated with men who have sex with men, young girls forced into prostitution – all of these human rights violations have contributed to the spread of HIV/AIDS."

Kristian Ange presents "Does HIV Cause AIDS?" posted at Myspace Blog HIV: A Ray of Hope.

"On the issue of a link between HIV and AIDS, I would love nothing more than to believe it's been a scam. I could even accept, I spent 20 years in a tailspin I almost didn't survive, that it cost my son dearly, and it devastated my family. I could accept it if it meant nobody else would have to experience this again. And the HIV veterans, along with all of the newly diagnosed, can rejoice. That would be beyond amazing. And I would hope it meant the biggest class action law suit in the history of mankind."

And from my blog on Myspace Just a little rambling piece about how " I Do What I Want!" posted at Positive621.

"I guess the point is that Somewhere in all the fear I found the excuse I needed to be this strange little eccentric person I have always been. I gave Myself permission to live my life the way that I always wanted to live. No excuses no constant fretting that I was letting someone down; that I wasn`t living up to my potential. I found the strength to live my life by my own design and by my own values. This is always the person that I was. This is the person that I am."

Steve presents Goodbye Jerry Falwell. posted at Living In The Bonus Round.

The hardest thing about the death of Jerry Falwell is that my initial gut reaction was one I'm absolutely not proud of. The first thought that went through my mind was, "And don't let the doors of hell slap you on your way in."

Melody and Martha present HIV/AIDS education in Botswana is in the workplace posted at The Nata village blog.

"Moshe(standing right) is the chairperson of the HIV/AIDS committee for the
Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) in Nata. He invited Melody to the office
to give a presentation about HIV/AIDS in Botswana. The eight employees
learned that Botswana is second only to Swaziland for HIV infection rates. We
talked a lot about how people are still using traditional doctors and paying
them hundreds of dollars to treat HIV/AIDS. With almost 80,000 people in
Botswana taking ARV's and doing well, we discussed why some people are still
in denial. Everyone present (like everyone in Botswana) has lost someone
to AIDS."

Giles author at Slimconomy presents HIV is Boring posted at Slimconomy.

"I believe we are growing rather apathetic towards the looming pandemic of HIV and AIDS. This frightens me perhaps more than HIV itself."

A look at the death of Jerry Falwell in Snot Nose Johnny posted at Stillettos and Sneakers.

“But mom….why would God want Johnny?”

I’ll never forget the look on my mom’s face. She was truly shocked. Truly taken aback. The funny thing is, considering my life that lay ahead of us both, this was hardly the most shocking thing I would ever say to her.

“Why on earth would you say that???” she asked clutching her pearls.

“Because he was mean.”

AIDSinfo Launches Comprehensive Spanish-language Web Site posted at Uniting the World Against AIDS.

InfoSIDA, a comprehensive Spanish-language companion to AIDSinfo was launched on April 18, 2007. featuring information about HIV treatment and clinical trials (

The AIDSinfo Web site, a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) project, offers the latest federally approved information on HIV/AIDS clinical research, treatment and prevention, and medical practice guidelines.

Ron Hudson-ICP founder presents The passing of Jerry Falwell. posted at 2sides2ron.

Living with HIV/AIDS has taught me compassion, something that Falwell seemed to lack where my communities were concerned. Instead, I celebrate a new era where the man has passed on to meet his maker and I pray that his soul will be forgiven for the rhetoric that made the lives of my friends in the LGBTQ community and the HIV/AIDS community much more difficult.

Aids-write metaphoric resuource: 1983 denver AIDS principles (649) posted at

Ever since people with AIDS stormed the stage at a Denver conference in 1983 and demanded self-determination, grassroots AIDS activism has taken its lead from the people most affected.

Time Well Spent--Announcing Guest Writer Mark Kokocki posted at 2sides2ron.

Mark Kokocki is a life & in business coach and personal trainer. Mark works (but not exclusively) with people living with a life threatening illness and/or life altering situation to be happier and healthier by taking control at home, at work and in life. Website:

David Richeson presents How to Overcome Negative Emotions posted at 360 Degree Success.

“How do I get rid of negative thoughts and emotions?”

This question is important, of course, because once you realize that your thoughts and emotions create reality, then you also realize that when you have positive emotions you are creating a positive reality for yourself—and (conversely) when you have negative thoughts and emotions you are creating a negative reality for yourself.

But most of us experience negative thoughts and emotions so frequently…

Hélène Hazera, Axel Léotard and ACT UP Paris present The Community of Silence/La Communauté du Silence posted at 2sides2ron.
We want to inform the Trans community that all of us must protect ourselves and our partners; that we understand that the disease which affects us is written in the collective and not in solitude; that AIDS is no longer an automatic fatality. The adapted messages of prevention must be addressed equally to Trans Gay men and Trans lesbians, as well as to the male heterosexual partners of Trans women. For some adolescents, "screwing a trans person " is a rite of passage. We are on the fringe of the homosexual and heterosexual worlds, on the border of genders. Certain "tranny-lover" men are married and, like many heterosexuals, they do not feel concerned by AIDS.

Barbra Sundquist presents Spend Time with People Who Appreciate You posted at

A wise person once said to me, "We become like the 5 people we spend the most time with."

That's a powerful statement.

AIDS is becoming feminine – Be conscious! - Mohammad Khairul Alam's Blog - posted at Mohammad Khairul Alam's Blog.

The developing world is now bearing the full brunt of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Gender discrimination, less jobs opportunity, women's rights and limited access to financial resources of women are more likely to become economically dependent on men, relegated to the subsistence sector or forced into commercial sex work. Men are also beginning to seek younger sexual partners believing that these girls are less likely to be infected with HIV. Young girls are vulnerable to coerced sex, including rape and other sexual abuse - within and outside the family - and forced sex work. Any non-consensual or coerced penetrative sex can carry an increased risk of HIV transmission, particularly as men are not likely to use condoms in these situations. The majority infections take place in infants or young children, adolescent and sexually active adults.

Jason Crum Offers an alternative to traditional vacations with the HIV POZ CRUISE 2008 posted at JLC vacations.*
Join Jason Crum for his
Annual Poz CRUISE
on a seven-day RETREAT
to the Eastern Caribbean
for the HIV positive Straight & Gay Community,
their friends and family from across the United States

*Note that the ICP does not endorse products or services in any way other than to announce how they relate to the HIV community.

Thank you Reading the ICP and remember The ICP is always looking for hosts and contributers. If you are interested in either visit


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I just wanted to say great blog. I have added a link to your blog at my HIV Website at

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Just wanted to say thanks. I posted your link on my personal blog but am finding this sharing of thoughts, ideas, feelings, and facts very helpful.
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It's definitely important to find people to share our HIV positively! I started my own support network (live HIV CHAT) back in 1998 as I needed HIV/AIDS support myself (I lived in a town where no local services where available) and I have met and shared with thousands of POZ people since.